Privacy Shell Inc.

Privacy Shell is a platform that raises awareness about online privacy. Users learn about privacy news, connect with privacy experts and install the privacy products that best suit their needs to protect their online privacy.

Worked closely with the CEO to architect Privacy Shell's site, which was then built in Wordpress for third-party users to easily update the content.

As lead UI/X designer, my role was to communicate the design ideas through wireframes, user flows and share the research findings to team members before implementing the site. Implemented analytics tracking and SEO techniques on the site. Designed the visual elements including graphic elements, logo, marketing materials and all branding. Created design specification to ensure brand consistency throughout the site.

Tools used

  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Wordpress
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Suite
  • Invision
Kristel | PrivacyShell Website
Kristel | PrivacyShell Style Guide
Kristel | PrivacyShell Wireframes